Albums I Discovered (Mid Dec – Mid Jan)

This feature is starting to lose its interest to me. Firstly because it is not extensive enough (I never list all the albums I discovered in the month, just those I remember), secondly because often the rating or review I give the album differs from how I eventually feel about it after further listening and lastly because the ratings system is unnecessary to the max.

So let me just get this last, final, irrelevant “Albums I Discovered” out the way before I return, hopefully, to more interesting musical fare.

Vampire Weekend – Contra (11/20)

Yeasayer – Odd Blood (13/20)

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – F#A# (Infinity) (14/20)

Iron & Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days (16/20)

Johnny Flynn – A Larum (14/20)

Stephen Malkmaus – Real Emotional Trash (10/20)

Wilco – Sky Blue Sky (13/20)

Kevin Federline – Playing With Fire (1/20)