Day 6 – You know the lyrics like the back of your hand

So I’ll be double-posting today to make up for my failure yesterday. I don’t intend on giving up on this, although there will be some minor downscaling. These pleasant prologues that lead up to a big reveal of what song I have selected may have to go, in fact, on days where time is short, I’ll just be posting the name of the track I chose and a video, probably accompanied by a lyric or something (see below).

So anyway, this is a very interesting set of lyrics, for me, and I love the self-hate that forms the core of this song. It’s very easy to remember lyrics when they carry so much emotional weight.

Frightened Rabbit – The Modern Leper

Well I crippled your heart a hundred times

And still can’t work out why

You see I’ve got this disease that I can’t shake

And I’m just rattling through life

Well this is how we do things now

Yeah this is how the modern stay scared

So I cut off all the good stuff

Yeah I cut off my foot to spite my leg

I think the Scottish accent helps.


About Alex Pavitt
I work in the field of emotion. My tools are instinctual feelings and my laptop is the medium between my brain and the outside world. I deconstruct and rebuild. I imagine. I steal other people's lyrics because somtimes, my own words aren't enough. I spend all of my time somewhere inside my head. I worship Douglas Adams, and in the back of my mind I am always painfully aware that I will never be as good as him or, for that matter, anybody else.

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