Three-Week Song-A-Day Challenge

So this blog is becoming stale because I never have any idea what to write about, just that I know I like to write. I’m still not very good at album reviews, although I guess I’m better now than I used to be. There’s a lot of albums I love that have been released this year, and maybe I’ll get around to writing reviews of them.

For now, I’ve decided to do something that takes a normal “blog-a-day” concept and apply it to music. I’ve seen a few of these around the Internet, where criteria are given for a certain number of songs over a period of time, so I thought I’d take it up. I intend to make a post about one song per day starting tomorrow and finishing in three weeks time, alongside a video of the song, a short piece of writing about the song and the reason why I chose it for the appropriate category.

Below is the list of criteria I’ll be using.

Day 1  –  The best you’ve ever heard
Day 2  –  The happiest you’ve ever heard
Day 3  –  The saddest you’ve ever heard
Day 4  –  From your current favorite band
Day 5  –   From your favourite ever band
Day 6  –  You know the lyrics like the back of your hand
Day 7  –  That perfectly opens an album
Day 8  –  That perfectly closes an album
Day 9  –  Describes your life better than you ever could
Day 10 –  Makes you think of a certain event
Day 11 –  Impresses you with its crazy guitar
Day 12 –  Impresses you with its technical skill
Day 13 –  You used to love but now hate
Day 14 –  You used to hate but now love
Day 15 –  Makes you want to dance
Day 16 –  No one would expect you to love
Day 17 –  From your favourite 90s album
Day 18 –  From your favourite 00s album
Day 19 –  You want played at your funeral
Day 20 –  You wish you could play on guitar
Day 21 –  You play all the time on guitar

See you tomorrow, I hope, with the best song I’ve ever heard


About Alex Pavitt
I work in the field of emotion. My tools are instinctual feelings and my laptop is the medium between my brain and the outside world. I deconstruct and rebuild. I imagine. I steal other people's lyrics because somtimes, my own words aren't enough. I spend all of my time somewhere inside my head. I worship Douglas Adams, and in the back of my mind I am always painfully aware that I will never be as good as him or, for that matter, anybody else.

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