The Wednesday Countdown: Epic Win

In my mind I’m well aware of the definition of epic-rock. I can put on a song and be pretty sure whether or not it counts as epic-rock. But I cannot really explain it. So today’s list, best ever epic-rock songs, will be satisfying for me alone, as you will probably not understand the criteria for selection. I did decide, however, that an epic rock song needs to be over six minutes. And it needs to have at least one stomping riff, this can be a consistent, pace-keeping drone or a solo. But there needs to be that. And also… no, it is inexplicable. The criteria for inclusion is entirely in my mind.

However, that should not stop you from giving your own examples of epic-rock in the comments, or just help me to define exactly what sets these songs apart, apart from mere length. I could also do with some help with ideas for further Wednesday Countdowns. I ran out of material way earlier than I anticipated.

Top 10 Epic-Rock Songs:

10. Secret Machines – First Wave Intact
9. of Montreal – The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
8. Wilco – Spiders (Kidsmoke)
7. Muse – Citizen Erased
6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Voodoo Chile
5. Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
4. Yo La Tengo – Pass The Hatchet, I Think I’m Goodkind
3. Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
2. The Beta Band – She’s The One
1. Radiohead – Paranoid Android

Stomping riff? Check

Awesome solos? Check

Funky 7/8 interlude complete with insanely tasty bass? Check

I think I have successfully defined epic-rock. It’s the feeling you get in your gut at 2:49 on the video when Ed comes in with the first stab of Paranoid Android’s epic central riff. Thats epic-rock.


About Alex Pavitt
I work in the field of emotion. My tools are instinctual feelings and my laptop is the medium between my brain and the outside world. I deconstruct and rebuild. I imagine. I steal other people's lyrics because somtimes, my own words aren't enough. I spend all of my time somewhere inside my head. I worship Douglas Adams, and in the back of my mind I am always painfully aware that I will never be as good as him or, for that matter, anybody else.

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