The Wednesday Countdown: The National Anthems

This is my new idea. One new list, the conditions of which are utterly random and chosen by me some time during the week, posted every Wednesday. They will probably be top 10s, unless I am smothered by ideas, in which case it’ll be longer. Really, this weekly exercise is an attempt to start some passionate musical conversation a la High Fidelity (/filling quota of monthly High Fidelity references).

This week, I have decided not to do the top 10 National Anthems, despite the title of this post, but instead to do the top 10 songs with a country in the title. I then hope that some suggestions will be provided below that I have missed out, and I welcome anger at how I dare mis out so-and-so or whatever. Suggest whatever you like, and say whatever you like (unless anybody suggests Razorlight’s America, in which case I will forcibly and repeatedly ram their forehand against a doorknob until they resemble a Zombie Dr Manhatten).

This list is definitely restricted to countries, so there will be no room for REM’s “Radio Free Europe”, nor The Sex Pistols’ “Anarchy In The UK” (God knows what the UK is, but in my head, it can never be A countries, it could be a collection of countries, but it is not a country). Those are my rules, and its my list. But please, contribute where necessary.

Top 10 Tracks With A Country In The Title

1. The Guillemots – Trains To Brazil

2. LCD Soundystem – North American Scum

3. Arcade Fire – Haiti

4. Morrissey – Irish Blood, English Heart

5. Wilco – Ashes Of American Flags

6. The Beatles – Norwegian Wood (The Bird Has Flown)

7. Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945

8. Hugh Laurie – America

9. Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia

10. Matt Stone and Trey Parker – Blame Canada

Should I be more worried that two of these are comedy songs (three, depending on your interpretation of The Dead Kennedys)? Oh well, patriotism is a joke, so, whatever.


About Alex Pavitt
I work in the field of emotion. My tools are instinctual feelings and my laptop is the medium between my brain and the outside world. I deconstruct and rebuild. I imagine. I steal other people's lyrics because somtimes, my own words aren't enough. I spend all of my time somewhere inside my head. I worship Douglas Adams, and in the back of my mind I am always painfully aware that I will never be as good as him or, for that matter, anybody else.

8 Responses to The Wednesday Countdown: The National Anthems

  1. thefaldkazkid says:

    This makes me wonder if I should listen to the Guillemots.

  2. Melissa says:

    Laura Marling- Mexico.

    that is all i have to say.

    • Alex Pavitt says:

      Though I have heard that, I forget how it goes. So I’m sorry I didn’t include it.
      Also, no, you make a very fair point. Norwegia is not a country

  3. Melissa says:

    that. and.
    norwegia is not a country.

  4. Tom says:

    I agree that norwegian wood should be taken out.

    aaand i havent been thinking of any songs with countries yet.
    possibly something from sketches of spain, but i forget the track list.

    and i will probably find a decent tom waits track with a country in the title.
    but he does do a lot of states.

    maybe you should do states.

    • Alex says:

      Who do you think I am, Sufjan Stevens?

      That might be the geekiest joke I’ve ever made

  5. Tom says:

    i was thinking of throwing in a sufjan stevens joke in there as well.

    i am glad i did not.

    • Alex Pavitt says:

      Ha, you left me to take that particular bullet then? Very noble…

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